An idea is born

03 Jun

Over the Queen’s Jubilee weekend I went to a garden centre with my husband and my daughter lured by friend’s sighting of a free Soft Play area. My girl have found some children’s furniture and gingerly started playing with it .

I took a look at the price tag on this furniture and exhaled – it was quite pricey even after the reduction, and it was not even pretty, made in the simplistic style of Ikea only less attractive.

I thought – I can do that myself for a fraction of the price! But then I thought – why would i make anything like that if I don’t even like it? I wouldn’t be happy to have something like that in my house. But Mya needs a chair, and I don’t like anything I see that’s affordable and whatever I do like – is priced so high that I wouldn’t consider even looking at the item for this price.

So, I decided to design and build a chair for my daughter. My choice of material is very mainstream nowadays and in-tune with my Reduce-Reuse-Recycle attitude. It’s humble cardboard.

I will be using the method described by Leo Kempf for his Conversation Table

Follow me for the updates on Mya’s chair. I will take you through the whole process, even if it doesn’t work out the way I envisage it.

chair sketch

Sketch for a chair

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