DIY maths materials for pre-schoolers and Foundation kids

13 Nov

I have decided to re-open my long-forgotten blog and now will be posting here our learning and crafting activities and how it all usually goes wrong despite the best intentions :-).

DIY maths materials

DIY maths materials

Today I have made these self-correcting (as most Montessori materials) maths manipulative.

To make these you’ll need

milk tops

materials needed

  • 10 bottle tops
  • hole punch
  • glue

Punch some holes in the white paper, tip the whole punch out – you will need the dots.

Glue dots onto lids to make quantities from 1-5. As an afterthought – I should’ve made 0 as well. You can glue your dots in whichever manner – some might choose to use a pattern similar to die or domino or factor dots from Creative mathematics. I am planning to do Factor dots later with bigger lids from jars maybe or will think of something else. For this activity – I wanted M to visually recognise the quantity and not the patterns, so I put my dots in random orders.

DIY maths materials

DIY maths materials

When the glue on the dots are dry – flip them over and cut out a piece of paper with a number drawn on it (or just write it on the other side with a marker if your lid is not see-through), then glue it on the underside. I used some foam packaging materials for added sensory experience.

The child counts the dots at the first few games then looks on the other side to check themselves. Next – ask the child to guess the number of the dots on the lid, then together with the child check the answer. Try not to look upset if child guesses wrong. Practice makes perfect and they wouldn’t want to play it any more if they sense your disappointment.

Taking the game to the next level.

Look what I prepared for the next level of this game! This is to be handed to the child together with the example you made. Can you guess what this is for?

creative maths

Creative maths.

This activity uses visual and kinesthetic types of learning and different types of memory.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Comments are welcome. Send me a picture of your DIY learning materials and I will post them here.

What have gone wrong (because with us – something usually does!):

My 22 m.o. wanted to peel off the dots and the numbers from underneath. Glue was not strong enough  – quite a few dots fell off – so consider a superglue instead of PVA. My Superglue still didn’t work – dots kept falling off or being peeled off, but sticking clear cellotape over the top fixed the problem.

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