Writing a letter to Father Christmas

23 Nov

I have recently been to my first Parent meeting. It was useful. The teacher referred to M as being “gifted”. It was nice to hear, however – I don’t think she is gifted, I think there’s a lot of work has gone into her and it’s showing now. To give M a credit – she’s absorbing what I throw at her daily and making the best of it, although sometimes in unusual and unexpected ways.
We’ve also been told that she’s unwilling to practice her writing, so this is what I have been doing to improve that.

letter to Father Christmas

letter to Father Christmas

There was a post circulating on FB about writing a letter to Father Christmas to get a letter in return, so I suggested M would sit down and write a letter too. She took to it very quickly.
To my surprise – she started writing by herself sounding out letters and sounds, until she got stuck on a word and couldn’t figure out which letter goes next. I didn’t want to write in pencil for her to trace this time – as it was her own initiative to free-hand it, so to boost her confidence and help her out – I’ve written the text she dictated on a separate piece of paper.

dictated letter

dictated letter to Father Christmas

Then I took a wooden stick and started moving it from one letter to another – covering the previously written letter so that she doesn’t loose place.
She worked really hard and I was impressed – usually it is a struggle to get her practice writing, even in dry-erase books or printed materials. Here’s a finished letter. I think not bad for an almost 5 y.o.

letter to Father Christmas

letter to Father Christmas

Then we couldn’t find an envelope, so M suggested we make one. I took an old envelope and took it apart to show her how it was made. So we followed the pattern and made our own. M was cutting and gluing very enthusiastically.

making an envelope

making an envelope

We learned – how to start a letter, how to finish a letter, how and where to write address on the envelope and where the return address goes and where to put a stamp. Also – how to make an envelope.
What’s gone wrong: nothing so far. Maybe next time I should draw lines on paper so it’s easier for her to write in line.

Father Christmas is looking for a talking Yoda toy now 😉

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