Our Christmas Holidays

01 Jan

We had a fairly relaxing Christmas Holidays at home. Everyone was happy to enjoy later wakings and late bed times. And the massive amount of things that we manages to fit in the longer days almost accidentally. We tried to go out for a walk every day, even if it was a short one. Yesterday, it was raining a lot but there was a small window when it stopped.

We donned waterproofs and wellies and found biggest and dirtiest puddles to play with.


We were building dams with dirt and jumped in the puddles and threw things in them to see what happens. Then little person fell over on a slope and sat there deciding how to react to her fall. That’s when I gave a deliberate chortle and said “that was funny, why don’t you try sliding all the way down now!” She looked up at me, smiled and went “Weeee!” down the muddy slope. Then the other one joined in and they had turned a slope into a mudslide. They were pretending to be seals and penguins.
Later they found a biggest puddle and accidentally/on purpose sat and wallowed in it.
We came home and trew everything in the wash, kids in the bath and I have just finished washing the wellies inside out. It was a big job! But I am glad they had a chance to do something like that that would be considered naughty by someone else or at other circumstances.

I can’t tell you how many times my subconscious was shouting Stop! inside my head and how many times I told it to shut up and tell myself to just take a deep breath! They are only having fun! How many times I had to reply to passers-by who were tooting disapprovingly or giving us looks. My older one is very sensitive to other people’s opinions and I was encouraging her to do what she likes despite what people’s reactions are on condition that she is not doing anyone/anything damage and not hurting anyone.

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