Waterproofing experiment

23 Feb

I have purchased a pair of warm and beautiful “snow boots” for Neva. First time she wore them outside – she came back home with soggy feet. The boots were useless! Or were they? Before throwing them away I thought I’d try something. And a waterproofing experiment was born.

You will need

– useless shoes (or any other item that might benefit)

– two pieces of fabric (or you can get more pieces and extend experiment with different substances/materials

– a candle

– a hairdryer

Rub your fabric with piece of candle so that it becomes much lighter colour and as much wax as possible rubs off (you can see it much better on darker fabric). Then blow on it with hairdryer on the hottest setting (you can see the colours returning to normal as wax melts into it.

To test – drip some water onto your piece of fabric to see if it it stays on the surface.

We used 2 handkerchiefs – one was rubbed with wax and other wasn’t. We wrapped both of them over a small pot and fixed with rubber band before dripping water on them (to collect the drips).

We waterproofed the boots as well, as you can see from the picture – the water sits on top without soaking in. Next week we’ll test how well that worked, on the slopes of Bulgaria.

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