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Stained glass crafts

Here is an easy and fun craft you can do with bits of clear plastic and permanent markers.

I have collected clear plastic trays from fruit and other groceries and yoghurt pot covers for this craft and a massive set of Sharpies was going cheap at supermarket.

To do this you need to draw the outline of your drawing on one side of the plastic and let the child colour on the other side (otherwise the outline will be smudged by other markers).


If you are not good at drawing – you can trace over a picture in a colouring book like we did, or just let kids do their own design.

We drew butterflies and glued them to some thin bouncy grass-type sticks and kids were playing with them all day “flying them around”.

Additionally you can do some nature studies and print real butterfly designs to trace and decorate.

Girls couldn’t get enough of this, they’ve drawn on all the plastic bits I’ve collected.

Just make sure you protect your work place because they are permanent markers, and don’t let kids draw on themselves. Good luck!


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Toothpicks and packing peanuts

We spent a few minutes constructing from packing peanuts and toothpicks (supervise your child – they are quite sharp). I was hoping to give a little lesson in maths – you know, count vertices, edges and faces – have a go with building different polyhedrons, or try to get Mya to work out how many toothpicks/peanuts she needs to build something and to compare with our set of Geometric solids. I brushed up on my geometry knowledge here – Math is Fun


Packing peanuts and toothpicks

Packing peanuts – excellent building material

I was the only one who was thinking that way. Neva enjoyed breaking the packing peanuts apart and poking them with toothpicks (they make a great popping sound when poked or snapped), then asked me to build her a cow. Mya was building her own something which she refused to identify and wanted to pull apart the shapes that I’ve build for them.

Ah, well – all fun and games. Some other time maybe…

We’ve also made some rockets – expanding our knowledge on Space after visiting Science Museum in London yesterday. We visited exhibition Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age Mya was really captivated by a talk delivered by (alas) an actress, playing role of Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova – the first woman in space. So today when building her rocket Mya asked to give her few pieces of rope “to tether Belle, Rapunzel and Hello Kitty” characters because they needed to go on a Space Walk, and she didn’t want them to float away into space.

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Scissor practice

I think the best way to inspire a child to do scissor practice is to give them something that they normally don’t get to cut and something that has a funny feel or makes sounds as it’s being cut. Here, girls are enjoying cutting party straws of different shapes and sizes – these make a POP sound and fly off!

They also enjoyed cutting up old party balloons and Styrofoam packing peanuts and pizza Styrofoam base – these make crackling noise, awesome!

When there were enough of cut-up straws – play dough came out – (our massive homemade batch of Halloween White-Green- Orange one still going strong, I really like this recipie) and they started making structures with these.

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Exploring famous paintings

I bought this amazing (like most Usborn books are) Usborne book My Very First Art Colouring Book from a local distributor Kat (contact to get free delivery).
It has 14 pages of famous paintings, easy text and an invitation to recreate the painting.
and it inspired M to try to colour one of the paintings but she’s given up half way because it wasn’t the page that used the stickers 🙂

IMG_7920 Read the rest of this entry »

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10 minute Nature crafts

I’ve picked up an oak leaf today – I thought it looked like a person. I have presented it to M while showing what could be done with it. She chose the colours to squirt into palette. We made these:


This is a quick activity and even with that M couldn’t concentrate on it and just did a quick splash of paint and was done with that :-). She seems to be only doing crafts that she initiates. Read the rest of this entry »

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