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More cardboard!

I went to Halfords to get some stuff and on the way out noticed their cages with cardboard ready for recycling. I was there in a flash dragging it out of the cages (their car park was not that busy, thank god! and people in a camper van could not be bothered even if they though me strange). I piled my treasures in the car with a few good shoves and more then a few loud swearing – it was very windy and it kept flying away and knocking me over.

When I set off – I couldn’t see anything in my rear view mirror – the car was full to the brim. Our Utility room now looks like a cardboard recycling unit. My hubby looked at it and asked when I was planning on using it up and if I was planning on making more furniture. He’s scared.

Mya decided that she doesn’t want to walk any more and reverted to crawling. This sparked an idea – I’ve got just the right box for you ….

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