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The Giraffa Chair is finished!

That’s right, sanded, sealed with wheat paste, painted and fully in use!

I have thought at first to leave it as a chair (on the first picture, but since my original plan was for the armchair and I have already made the arms – I stuck them on, and voila – the Giraffa armchair!

Now that I have blueprints (and a friend of mine have admitted that he has access to a laser cutter – wow!) I might make another one without arms, as I think it looks equally good with and without, and I think Mya preferred it without arms because she liked to sit sideways on it too.

And for anyone who thought that cardboard furniture is flimsy – it can hold my (undisclosed) weight standing on it although it was designed for a small toddler.

I am looking for a handle for my cardboard fridge and will post pictures as soon at it’s fully finished. It doesn’t stop Mya playing with it though – she’d pack and unpack it all day long if you don’t stop her.

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Get cutting!

On a Saturday walk I’ve spotted a big cardboard box, taken Mya out of the pram, loaded the box in and dragged it home. Now, get cutting! Ralf was papping me while I was busy ūüėČ

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Mya’s chair stage 2

After another no-show from a people on Freegle (sometimes it happens, but I am still trying to recycle things there) I had a lot of wallpaper leftovers – this suited beautifully for making template for the chair.

Template for a chair

template for cardboard chair

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An idea is born

Over the Queen’s¬†Jubilee¬†weekend I went to a garden centre with my husband and my daughter lured by friend’s sighting of a free Soft Play area. My girl have found some children’s furniture and gingerly started playing with it .

I took a look at the price tag on this furniture and exhaled Рit was quite pricey even after the reduction, and it was not even pretty, made in the simplistic style of Ikea only less attractive.

I thought – I can do that myself for a fraction of the price! But then I thought – why would i make anything like that if I don’t even like it? I wouldn’t be happy to have something like that in my house. But Mya needs a chair, and I don’t like anything I see that’s affordable and whatever I do like – is priced so high that I wouldn’t consider even looking at the item for this price.

So, I decided to design and build a chair for my daughter. My¬†choice¬†of material is very mainstream nowadays and in-tune with my Reduce-Reuse-Recycle attitude. It’s humble cardboard.

I will be using the method described by Leo Kempf for his Conversation Table

Follow me for the updates on Mya’s chair. I will take you through the whole process, even if it doesn’t work out the way I envisage it.

chair sketch

Sketch for a chair

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