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The Giraffa Chair is finished!

That’s right, sanded, sealed with wheat paste, painted and fully in use!

I have thought at first to leave it as a chair (on the first picture, but since my original plan was for the armchair and I have already made the arms – I stuck them on, and voila – the Giraffa armchair!

Now that I have blueprints (and a friend of mine have admitted that he has access to a laser cutter – wow!) I might make another one without arms, as I think it looks equally good with and without, and I think Mya preferred it without arms because she liked to sit sideways on it too.

And for anyone who thought that cardboard furniture is flimsy – it can hold my (undisclosed) weight standing on it although it was designed for a small toddler.

I am looking for a handle for my cardboard fridge and will post pictures as soon at it’s fully finished. It doesn’t stop Mya playing with it though – she’d pack and unpack it all day long if you don’t stop her.

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