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Scissor practice

I think the best way to inspire a child to do scissor practice is to give them something that they normally don’t get to cut and something that has a funny feel or makes sounds as it’s being cut. Here, girls are enjoying cutting party straws of different shapes and sizes – these make a POP sound and fly off!

They also enjoyed cutting up old party balloons and Styrofoam packing peanuts and pizza Styrofoam base – these make crackling noise, awesome!

When there were enough of cut-up straws – play dough came out – (our massive homemade batch of Halloween White-Green- Orange one still going strong, I really like this recipie) and they started making structures with these.

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Icy fun

I needed a few minutes in the morning so I took these icy balls out of the freezer. Girls had lots of fun. First they were holding the ice balls in their hands, trying to melt them. Then out came salt shakers and colored water with pipettes and syringes. Took them ages to take animals and crystal gems out!

I used different sizes of these ice moulds  and this ice sphere tray for smaller items

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