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Exploring famous paintings

I bought this amazing (like most Usborn books are) Usborne book My Very First Art Colouring Book from a local distributor Kat (contact to get free delivery).
It has 14 pages of famous paintings, easy text and an invitation to recreate the painting.
and it inspired M to try to colour one of the paintings but she’s given up half way because it wasn’t the page that used the stickers 🙂

IMG_7920 Read the rest of this entry »

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10 minute Nature crafts

I’ve picked up an oak leaf today – I thought it looked like a person. I have presented it to M while showing what could be done with it. She chose the colours to squirt into palette. We made these:


This is a quick activity and even with that M couldn’t concentrate on it and just did a quick splash of paint and was done with that :-). She seems to be only doing crafts that she initiates. Read the rest of this entry »

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Writing a letter to Father Christmas

I have recently been to my first Parent meeting. It was useful. The teacher referred to M as being “gifted”. It was nice to hear, however – I don’t think she is gifted, I think there’s a lot of work has gone into her and it’s showing now. To give M a credit – she’s absorbing what I throw at her daily and making the best of it, although sometimes in unusual and unexpected ways.
We’ve also been told that she’s unwilling to practice her writing, so this is what I have been doing to improve that.

letter to Father Christmas

letter to Father Christmas

There was a post circulating on FB about writing a letter to Father Christmas Read the rest of this entry »

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DIY maths materials for pre-schoolers and Foundation kids

I have decided to re-open my long-forgotten blog and now will be posting here our learning and crafting activities and how it all usually goes wrong despite the best intentions :-).

DIY maths materials

DIY maths materials

Today I have made these self-correcting (as most Montessori materials) maths manipulative. Read the rest of this entry »

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